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18 Mar

Shapewear for Every Body Style

Courtesy imagery majestic/

Courtesy imagery majestic/

All women are different, physically. Some of us are blessed with a true hourglass figure while others never have to worry about weight because they enjoy an athletic body style. Still other women simply have to look at a piece of cake and the extra calories go straight to their hips or tummies. No matter what type of figure you have, there’s reason to celebrate it! All it takes is some flaw-disguising shapewear to tighten, smooth and put everything in its proper place! Here’s how it works.  (read more…)

15 Mar

Most Flattering Fashions for your Body Shape

body shapesAre you as excited as we are about the upcoming fall fashions as previewed at the recent Fashion Week events? If so, you are probably looking forward to wearing the autumn tones and sleek silhouettes that characterized this year’s collections. But before you plunk down your money on a rack full of the latest fashions, first consider your body type.

Not everything garment looks great on every woman. Depending on whether you are one of three basic body types, you might need to modify those styles to best fit your frame. We’ll call them the banana, the pear and the hourglass. (read more…)

11 Mar

Fashion Trends: Wearable Technology

posture control bandsThe next frontier of fashion will include necessary collaborations between fashion designers and computer engineers. Although some of the technology has been around a while, a fashion trend gaining in popularity is the ability to wear clothes that originated in a lab or a computer. As technology advances and produces computerized devices that can fit nearly anywhere, wearable technology is bringing a multitude of new design options to the world of fashion. Think computers and sensory devices you can simply slip into for a high tech fashion experience. (read more…)

05 Mar

Extreme Beauty Treatments: Are You Game or Gun Shy?

Courtesy Apple's Eyes Studio/

Courtesy Apple’s Eyes Studio/

What’s the latest trend in Hollywood? Beauty treatments that may make you cringe. With the majority of celebrities obsessed with youth and attractiveness, it’s no surprise that many actresses will do just about anything to keep their good looks.

Still, it’s amazing what some of us will do, all in the name of beauty. Although the average woman is eager to try anything short of going under the knife, it’s celebrities who are often the first to adopt some of the most extreme measures. Take a look at the newest beauty treatments some of Hollywood’s A-listers used to prepare for this year’s Oscars ceremonies. (read more…)

28 Feb

When You’re Not a Teenager Anymore, Your Style Needs to Change

Courtesy Michelle Meiklejohn/

Courtesy Michelle Meiklejohn/

Okay, ladies, it’s time for a reality check. When was the last time you updated your style? When was the last time you really looked in a mirror and noticed how your body has changed over time? If you haven’t reassessed your look since you were a teenager, then it’s past time you modified your fashion style.

Body Changes

It’s a fact (although one we hate to admit): our bodies change as we age. Various factors, such as giving birth, hormonal imbalance, activity level and metabolic rate, all combine to give us a figure we’ve never seen before. (read more…)

25 Feb

Smart Fashionistas Need Smart Shapewear

body shaper smallToday’s women are more concerned than ever with how much their clothing can do for them. Modern technology has made it possible for nearly anything we wear to provide a number of benefits – everything from making us look thinner, to standing straighter to fighting cellulite. If you expect your clothes to do more than just look good, then you need H.O.L.D. Couture and all the wonderful things these pieces do for your body – and your self-image. Take a look. (read more…)

19 Feb

Red Carpet Fashion Secrets to Look Your Sexy Best

Courtesy sattva/

Courtesy sattva/

With all the Fashion Weeks (New York, Paris, London, Milan) going on this month and next, we thought it appropriate to share some secrets from red carpet models and their stylists. Haute couture and ensuring every thread and hair is in place isn’t just for super models; real women can use these same secrets to always look their sexy best. Here’s our top tricks, tips and techniques. (read more…)

14 Feb

Set the Mood for Romance With the Right Outfit

Courtesy Michal Marcol/

Courtesy Michal Marcol/

Whether you are getting ready for a romantic Valentine’s Day celebration or just want to look extra special for your honey, you need the right clothes to put you in the mood and make him fantasize about taking them off! Here are our tips for setting the mood for romance with the right fashion.

What’s Underneath?

There’s few things more tantalizing to a man than imagining what you’re wearing underneath that sexy dress. It goes without saying that in order to feel sexy, you’ve got to look great and the best way to accomplish that is by using shapewear to nip and tuck those problem areas. (read more…)

10 Feb

The Solution to Body Imperfections? A Shapewear Dress

TEMP_shapewearsDo you look in the mirror and notice only your imperfections? If so, you’re not alone. Whether it’s extra inches around your middle from having a baby, cheesy-textured thighs from too many donuts or a sagging bottom from sitting in a chair all day, most women fixate on their problem areas. In fact, often we feel as if everyone who sees us notices only those areas we detest and not our good features.

Luckily, there is an easy way to take care of those body imperfections so you can feel beautiful and sexy again. (read more…)

06 Feb

Fall Style Trends From New York Fashion Week 2013

Courtesy The Daily Beast

Courtesy The Daily Beast

Now that New York Fashion Week has come and gone for another year, what can you look forward to seeing on the racks this fall? Black is still a popular color for basic pieces, but there’s a lot of new trends you’ll find, as well. Here’s our highlights from Fashion Week.


Although black is still in and always chic, look for new neutrals from some designers, such as army green – it goes great with metallic accents. But because there’s still a lot of black set to hit the store shelves in fall, plan on buying classic pieces that will stay in style for a long time. More neutrals in white, gray and navy will also make an appearance, with lots of pieces combining black and dark blue. (read more…)