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30 Nov

Instant Maternity Look Sexy Tips For the Holidays

For the woman who is pregnant or recently became a mom, feeling and looking sexy might seem impossible. But wait! If you just take a bit of care with your looks and follow these easy fashion and makeup tips, you can get your sexy back instantly – just in time for the 2012 holiday party season! Take a look at what we recommend to help any woman release her inner femme fatale. (read more…)

28 Nov

How To Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Whether you are pregnant now or recently had a baby, chances are you find it tough to get a good night’s sleep. It could be you are uncomfortable due to extra weight or it could be simply that your aching back is keeping you awake. Try these tips to get some necessary zz’s, which are essential for your overall health and well-being. (read more…)

26 Nov

Win a LAYLA Maternity Bodysuit For Free!

Would you like a chance to win a LAYLA® Maternity Bodysuit from H.O.L.D. Couture so you can see for yourself just how comfortable and supportive it is? If you are pregnant or know someone else who is, this is an amazing opportunity to enjoy the superior support and shaping qualities in the special construction and fibers of a LAYLA® bodysuit. Once you try it, you are sure to come back for more – at least one for every day of the week!

Mom Trends website is are giving away 2 sets of the maternity bodysuit and a post maternity body shaper (both valued at $129) to two lucky readers! Simply post a comment on their website (and check out the fine print for three more ways to enter this fabulous contest).

Don’t delay! Head on over to the Mom Trends website for your chance to win today!

19 Nov

What One Mom Thinks About the LAYLA Maternity Bodysuit

From high heels to strollers — I help moms stay in tune with all things stylish and cool.
–Nicole Feliciano

Does the LAYLA Maternity Bodysuit really work to promote perfect posture and provide relief from back pain and fatigue? Don’t just take it from us; listen to what real women have to say about our unique maternity support products.

Here’s a testimonial from a former fashion showroom owner turned mommy blogger:

“What is so great about the Layla is that after birth the Layla Post Maternity bodysuit will make everything in your wardrobe fit better by toning and shaping.”

Read Brianna’s entire review at Mom Trends.

Don’t forget – LAYLA support undergarments make great holiday gifts for the expectant mom!

25 Sep

Prevent Falls By Focusing on Posture

One thing that many pregnant women are susceptible to is falling. It’s natural that you might feel a bit unsteady – after all, you’ve got extra weight in your midsection, which changes your center of gravity. In addition to baby weight, your body’s balance is often affected by hormonal changes which soften your joints and even decreasing muscle strength, a danger if you are not exercising during pregnancy. If you have a fear of falling or are feeling unsteady, use these tips to become balanced and prevent spills. (read more…)

18 Sep

Sex, Posture and Your Aching Back

What’s the one type of pain that the majority of Americans (an estimated eight out of 10) share regardless of age, activity level or weight? It’s back pain, and it’s usually chronic. And with so many of us suffering from a literal pain in the neck, it’s no wonder that this problem finds its way to the bedroom.

Although there aren’t hard and fast statistics on how often back pain affects sex, it just stands to reason that people who don’t feel good probably don’t feel like being intimate either. It’s not impossible, but it’s certainly difficult to focus on pleasurable sensations when a sharp pain is shooting down your spine. And chances are, if you’ve recently had a baby, the problem is even worse because the majority of new parents experience more back pain than usual due to all that bending over and picking up.

So what can you do to take the back pain away and bring the romance back? Here’s a few tips. (read more…)

11 Sep

What To Expect From Maternity Leave

Taking time away from work to have your baby and enjoy those first few weeks with him probably sounds great, right? It’s a time you should look forward to and enjoy. But it might not be so enjoyable unless you make sure you get all your ducks in a row, first. Here are a few tips for ensuring your maternity leave is least stressful as possible.

It’s an Adjustment

Yes, you may be conditioned to believe that your maternity leave period will be all sunshine and lollipops but the truth is that it can be quite stressful – especially for the mom who is used to being a professional. You will go from handling corporate clients to handling a baby who just won’t seem to quit crying; from power lunches to trying to get your baby to latch onto a breast; from managing employees to managing diaper changes. This new life might seem ideal now, before it happens, but trust us – being home alone with your baby is a big adjustment. (read more…)

04 Sep

Fall Maternity Fashion Tips From Supermodels

When it comes to the best advice on what to wear, you wouldn’t ask a plumber, would you? Probably not! That’s why we looked online for photos of pregnant models to share their fashion style with you. Yep, you can look just as good as a supermodel while you’re carrying your baby – especially if you wear the LAYLA® Maternity Bodysuit underneath all of these wardrobe suggestions. (read more…)

28 Aug

How To Relieve Pregnancy Walking Problems

Here’s a side effect of pregnancy common in many women – trouble walking. It just makes sense; after all you’ve got a lot of extra weight to carry around and it’s all in the front! As well, your hormones are working to soften the joints of the pelvis in preparation for giving birth. These factors can cause problems with your ankles, joints and hips as well as making you feel off balance, which may result in falls.

Luckily there are several things you can do to alleviate these problems and get back to walking as you used to – and since walking is a great form of exercise perfect for almost any expectant mom, that’s something you should be doing on a regular basis. (read more…)

21 Aug

Good Advice For Moms-To-Be…Or Just Plain Common Sense?

Just tell anyone you’re pregnant and wait for a few seconds…chances are they will come out with their best advice for everything from how to eat to what you should or shouldn’t do, all based on current research. It doesn’t matter if this is our first baby or your fifth; everyone’s got (unwanted) advice after watching television and reading online news reports.

So how do you weed out the good from the bad, the real knowledge you need from just plain common sense? Take a look at some research results we’ve heard about lately and how some of them are just plain common sense. (read more…)