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07 Feb

Why Do Your Feet Swell During Pregnancy?

A very common symptom that many expectant moms experience is swelling in the ankles and feet, which is also referred to as edema. This is very normal and directly related to your pregnancy. Here’s why.

Causes of Pregnancy Edema (read more…)

03 Feb

How To Reduce Hand Swelling During Pregnancy

When you’re expecting a baby, it may seem like everything – and I mean EVERYthing – gets bigger. We recently saw a tweet from Jessica Simpson that showed a photo of her swollen lips. While that may or may not be a side effect of her pregnancy, many woman experience swelling in their hands and/or feet, also referred to as edema. (read more…)

30 Jan

Photo Journaling Your Pregnancy Experience

Long after your give birth, will you remember all the special moments of your pregnancy and your baby’s first year? Although we wish we had perfect memories, the reality is that most of us won’t remember all the little, important details that make motherhood so special. So why not journal your experience? (read more…)

26 Jan

Listen To Your Pregnant Body

As you are well aware, your body goes through a variety of changes while pregnant and this can affect each expectant mom in different ways. What’s important is that you pay attention to what your body is telling you.

How Your Body Changes

Over the course of your pregnancy, you are bound to experience any or all of these particular physical changes: (read more…)

24 Jan

Prepping Your Home For Baby’s Arrival

As an expectant mom, you know how important it is to prepare your body for the birth of your baby. You need to be in the best health possible, including an emphasis on posture so your back is in proper alignment and out of pain. But what about your home? What do you need to do to prepare your house for the arrival of your baby? (read more…)

18 Jan

What to Drink While Pregnant

Many expectant moms are very careful when it comes to what they eat throughout the day and night but may not be so conscientious when it comes to what they choose to drink. If you’re a soda or caffeine junkie, beware that what you drink has just as much an effect on your health and your baby’s development as the food you eat. (read more…)

17 Jan

You Are What You Eat – Especially When Pregnant

Chances are you’ve heard this expression before and it’s never more true than when you’re expecting a baby. Not only is the food your eat fueling your own body, it’s being used by your developing baby. Before your next meal, think about the following points to ensure you and your baby get the nutrition you both need. (read more…)

12 Jan

New Year’s Resolutions for the Expectant Mom

Did you join the nearly half of all Americans who made a resolution at the stroke of midnight, January 1st? Apparently most of us made goals to spend more time with family and friends, to tone up and slim down and to quit bad habits like smoking, drinking and overworking. What about you? Did you make any resolutions?

If not, we’ve got some suggestions that are perfect for expectant moms: (read more…)

09 Jan

Communication is an Important Part of Your Pregnancy

You’re expecting a baby and chances are you’ve thought of everything by now – how and where you’ll give birth, whether or not to learn the sex of your baby beforehand, what names you might be considering, how to decorate the nursery, ways to stay healthy and balanced… Odds are your mind has been uber busy thinking about this, that and the next thing. But there’s one thing you seriously shouldn’t ignore because it’s vital to your mental health – and that’s communication. (read more…)

04 Jan

Tips For a Healthier 2012

Even if you’re pregnant right now, chances are you’ve set some health-related goals for the New Year. We all want to look better, feel better, and perform at the optimum level our bodies were made for regardless of our current condition.

You don’t have to wait until after your baby is born to work on improving your health. You should definitely check with your doctor before making any drastic lifestyle changes, but these general tips will help you get into the best shape possible now, while you’re expecting, and later, when it’s time to give birth. (read more…)