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30 Dec

How To Stand While You’re Pregnant

When you’re expecting a baby, the extra weight of your growing baby tends to make your body imbalanced. Your body is physically changing as it gets ready to give birth and the loosening of your joints and ligaments and the stretching of your abdominal muscles don’t help matters, either.

While your natural tendency is to over-arch your spine and draw your shoulders back, that results in terrible posture – and that often results in back pain, aches and discomfort. (read more…)

28 Dec

How To Tell if Bad Posture Is Causing Your Back Pain During Pregnancy

The majority of women who are expecting a baby will experience lower back pain at some point. There could be several causes, but like as not it’s poor posture that’s making your back ache. Here’s how to tell if posture is the culprit in your back pain.

Look At Your Silhouette

The first thing to do is stand naturally in front of a mirror. Turn sideways and take a look at your silhouette. Do you see:

  • Knees locked into position?
  • Forward tilted pelvis?
  • Shoulder blades arched backward?
  • Shoulders rounded forward?
  • Head tipped forward?

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27 Dec

Tips For Dressing Slim After Childbirth


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If you’re pregnant or have just given birth, chances are you’re eager to look slim again, especially around the holidays when there are so many social events and parties to attend. While it’s impossible to make extra pounds disappear, you can wear a slimming body shaper and the right fashions so that you look your best while trying to lose excess inches and pounds. Here are some tips for looking beautiful right after giving birth.

Ditch Your Maternity Clothes

While it might be tempting to continue to wear maternity clothes, don’t! Big and blousy will hide the extra weight, but if you can fit into the fashions you wore before your baby bump began showing, then by all means do so. If you want to look like you’ve never given birth, then you must stay out of frumpy maternity clothes after your baby is born!

(read more…)

19 Dec

More Tips For Losing Baby Weight

Trying to lose weight after giving birth is a different process from losing weight during other periods of your life, but many of the same weight loss tips apply. Here’s additional information you need to know in order to drop those extra pounds after being pregnant. (read more…)

15 Dec

How Long Will It Take To Drop the Baby Weight?

This is the number one question most new moms have after they’ve given birth and have had a few days to adjust to life with baby. Now that the hard (easy) part is over, the next step is losing the weight and getting your figure back into its pre-pregnancy shape.

(read more…)

12 Dec

Tips for Losing Weight After Pregnancy

While you may be eager to lose weight as soon as possible after giving birth, you need to go about the process in a way that helps you and your baby stay as healthy as possible. The good news is that if you choose to breastfeed, you’ll naturally shed pounds. But there’s a few more thing you can do to speed up the process of getting your “old” body back after childbirth – including wearing the revolutionary new Layla post pregnancy body shaper! (read more…)

09 Dec

The Benefits of Proper Posture After Giving Birth

Although most new moms are hoping for a miracle that will bring their former figure back right away, after giving birth it can take many months – maybe even years – for your body to get back into shape. But did you know that poor posture is one of the most harmful factors when it comes to your looks? Bad posture can make the process of regaining your formerly gorgeous figure even more difficult postpartum and make you look older and more out of shape than you really are.

(read more…)

06 Dec

What Happens To Your Posture During and After Pregnancy

As you know, it’s difficult to maintain good posture while pregnant due to the baby growing in your womb and how it stresses your back, muscles and joints. After giving birth, posture doesn’t just go back to normal, neutral anatomy. Just when you want to feel beautiful and shapely again, you’re left with excess skin and the bad posture that makes you look older and out of shape. What’s the new mom to do? For one thing, she can focus on perfecting her posture in order to perfect her beauty.

(read more…)

02 Dec

Pregnancy Posture Tips

While good posture can help you feel better, look better and be better prepared to give birth, poor posture can cause a host of problems on its own and exaggerate other common problems during pregnancy. If there’s one thing you do in order prepare your body for giving birth, make it concentrating on perfecting your posture.

Use the following tips to balance your body and help it stay that way throughout all the changes to your body that pregnancy brings.

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01 Dec

How Posture Affects Pregnancy

You may be surprised to learn that your posture has a big impact on your pregnancy both now, while you’re expecting, and later, when you give birth. But it’s not so surprising when you realize that good posture is a key factor in good health, whether you’re pregnant or not.

When you’re expecting a baby, your body goes through a variety of extreme changes. These changes include an increase in hormone levels, a softening of the joints and ligaments, and a stretching of the abdominal muscles. Due to these changes, you might be experiencing backaches, headaches, sciatic nerve pain in your legs, imbalance and swelling. As your baby grows, the weight load your spine carries also increases and physical problems can become worse.

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