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What’s Different About LAYLA™ Maternity and Post-Maternity Body Shapers?

Plenty! In fact, there are no other products on the market today that cue your body into perfect posture while providing support and slenderizing problem areas.

Posture = Beauty

Posture is a very basic form of beauty treatment that corrects problems such as back pain, shoulder tension, neck strain, poor circulation, muscle spasms, headaches and more. In addition, proper posture helps you look leaner, longer and more toned, enhancing your beauty naturally.

How can you be beautiful and healthy if your body is imbalanced? When the body is in neutral or balanced anatomy, it functions at its greatest potential. Even the slightest imbalance forces the body to recruit energy to compensate for it – and as every new mom knows, carrying a developing baby in your womb and delivering that baby causes a great deal of imbalance!

Other products on the market right now

Do little more than squeeze your body with a tight band of compression and make you feel like a sausage stuffed into a too-tight casing.

House of LAYLA™ bodysuits and body shapers, on the other hand, provide a better, NEW way to look great, feel good and balance your body naturally both before AND after giving birth!

Don’t compress it; energize it

The LAYLA Bodysuits cutting-edge technological garments does more than just make you feel better, they ease your muscles, correct your posture, change your body and retrain your brain! Balance and symmetry are at the core of human function and LAYLA™ body shapers correct painfully poor posture during and after childbirth, bringing about an amazing transformation in how you look and feel. In addition the incredible Neuro-band technology that promotes perfect posture, the special metallic fabric incorporate in the abdomen and leg areas of the post-pregnancy body shaper slims, trims and tones so your body looks just like it did pre-pregnancy!

There’s nothing else that can make you feel as beautiful as LAYLA™ before and after childbirth! Order now – and since you’ll never want to take off your LAYLA™, order more than one!


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