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Posture Affects Pregnancy

During your pregnancy, you are going to experience a change in posture. As your body gains weight in the abdomen, your pelvis will tip to counterbalance the extra load. This moves the tailbone and pubic bone into an anterior position which increases the curve in your lower back.

These changes to your pelvis have an effect on your entire spine, back and neck. Your shoulders will tend to round forward and your head will follow suit. In fact, the curve of your upper back could be so bad as to be considered kyphotic (which is like having a hunchback). This, in turn, causes:

  • Vertebral disc compression
  • Strain on the spine
  • Lung capacity reduction
  • Strain on the ligaments
  • Muscular system strain

 After giving birth, many of these problems don’t just go away…Your body needs help losing weight, getting back into alignment, becoming balanced, and being healthy again.

Posture = Beauty… Naturally

Chances are the first you want after giving birth is to look slim again. That’s where posture comes into play. Proper posture makes you walk tall. It flattens your belly and makes your entire body look better, because everything is in place, properly aligned. Even if you’re carrying a few extra pounds, they won’t be a detriment to your body image because your waistline will look slimmer. The more aligned and balanced your body is, the younger and healthier you appear.  Without proper back posture, you won’t enjoy a balanced body. And a balanced body is necessary for good overall health as well as graceful and athletic movement.

Good postures allows you to:

  • Have more energy
  • Breathe easier
  • Look taller
  • Develop strength
  • Enjoy freer movement
  • Improve digestion and circulation
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Deal better with stress
  • Properly use muscles, joints, and ligaments
  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Improve balance

How can LAYLA™ Help?

The LAYLA garments and the research behind them all began with a belief that a shirt worn on a user’s torso could be designed specifically to improve the user’s body alignment or posture by adapting to the body’s natural movements. LAYLA™ actually creates a downward tilt in your scapula and this creates more space in your shoulder joint. Your head and shoulders move back, which takes the strain off your lower back and straightens your spine. This proper posture helps your lungs expand as far as possible, which allows you to breathe more air and exercise more efficiently. It allows you to move oxygen in and out of your body more efficiently to decrease fatigue (and isn’t motherhood tiring enough without additional stressors and pain)?

The House of LAYLA™ line of support and slenderizing garments actually retrain your brain to keep your body in proper posture at all times… and proper posture gives you balance, symmetry, health and the long, lean, slender look you desire.

How does such comfortable shapewear make you look beautiful and feel great through proper posture? The secret is in the proven technology:

  • Neuro Bands are strategically placed to produce a natural, neuro-muscular response that promotes perfect posture without conscious thought.
  • This neuro-muscular response stimulates your body to pull your shoulders back and put your body in proper alignment, which makes post-pregnancy exercise more effective.
  • Your postural muscles strengthen naturally because they are doing the work – something no other shapewear on the market today does.
  • These triggers assist your body’s natural desire to balance itself.
  • This positive change in anatomy relieves back pain and other uncomfortable conditions you might experience after childbirth.
  • The special fabric in our post-pregnancy body shaper makes your waist, hips and thighs look slim and trim while helping your muscles become toned more quickly.

 You won’t find any other maternity support garments or post pregnancy slimming body shapers on the market today that can make the same claims!

After Childbirth, Look Slimmer and Trimmer

In addition to the amazing benefits of posture correction, LAYLA™ Post Maternity Body Shaper incorporates special, copper-infused fabric that slims and trims the excess weight put on during pregnancy while toning your muscles as you move. Copper fabric If you want your “old” body back as soon as possible after giving birth, LAYLA™ is the best thing you can wear under any of your clothes, each and every day.

The LAYLA™ is clinically proven to work!

Utilizing the latest in biomechanical technology and neurological research, including advanced body imaging systems, we can view the body’s reaction to variable touches and tensions, with an accuracy of up to 1/100th of a human hair. This research gives LAYLA™ the unparalleled ability to design garments that balance the excessive forces our muscles and joints absorb throughout the day, reducing the risk of  postural strain while providing balance and alignment.

We’ve taken that technology and expanded it to include garment specially designed for daily maternity and post-pregnancy wear. Rather than just compressing your stomach and organs, House of LAYLA™ line of products use posture correction to open your body up to balance, health and natural beauty.

This not only helps you feel your best before, during and after childbirth, it helps your body be in its best form as you exercise to regain muscle tone and joint elasticity. Proper posture is key to ensuring that your body – and even your mind – is functioning at its best so you can look and feel fantastic.

Order LAYLA™ for your stage of motherhood today and enjoy good health and beauty tomorrow!

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