Extreme Beauty Treatments: Are You Game or Gun Shy?

Courtesy Apple's Eyes Studio/freedigitalphotos.net

Courtesy Apple’s Eyes Studio/freedigitalphotos.net

What’s the latest trend in Hollywood? Beauty treatments that may make you cringe. With the majority of celebrities obsessed with youth and attractiveness, it’s no surprise that many actresses will do just about anything to keep their good looks.

Still, it’s amazing what some of us will do, all in the name of beauty. Although the average woman is eager to try anything short of going under the knife, it’s celebrities who are often the first to adopt some of the most extreme measures. Take a look at the newest beauty treatments some of Hollywood’s A-listers used to prepare for this year’s Oscars ceremonies.

Blood, Venom and Diamonds Oh My!

Extreme beauty treatments have been in the news lately and we’ve compiled a list of them.

To start with, how about using your own blood for a “vampire face lift”? Yep, stretch out your arm and give up your life’s blood to plump and smooth your facial skin. If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you can opt for a eye cream that will lift your lids using snake venom. You could also opt for a facial using snails (yep, those same disgusting creatures that leave a trail of slime wherever they go) or bird poo to lighten your skin (you know what it does to your car – imagine what it would do to your face!).

Got lackluster locks? How about using a tonic made from bull testicles to make your hair shiny and stronger? Another way to make your hair stronger is apparently applying a moisturizer infused with placenta. Guess that kind of makes sense, since it nourishes babies in the womb.

If you’ve got a quarter of a million dollars, you can opt for a black diamond manicure from a jewelry designer, which uses 267 carats to cover all your lovely digits (that’s what Kelly Osbourne had done recently). If it’s your tootsies that need expensive TLC, try sinking them into a tub of warm water with live fish fishing in it to suck away the dry skin on your heels.

Is It Worth It?

Some of these beauty treatments sound like they may work, but are they really worth the price? It probably depends on the results you see. If you’re looking for a beauty tool that really works, then it’s best to stick with the tried and true, namely posture and slenderizing body shapers.

HOLD Couture’s line of special body shapers are noticeably effective. They don’t require squeamish ingredients or big bucks. Using mineral-infused fabrics and posture control bands, they help every woman look more slender, zap cellulite, stand up straight and feel great about herself. And rather than being a one-time treatment, you can wear HOLD Couture body shapers each and every day and watch the sexy changes in your figure over time.

Stop looking for extreme measures to enhance your beauty. Opt, instead, for garments that make you look sexy and feel incredible every moment you have them on.