Fashion Trends: Wearable Technology

posture control bandsThe next frontier of fashion will include necessary collaborations between fashion designers and computer engineers. Although some of the technology has been around a while, a fashion trend gaining in popularity is the ability to wear clothes that originated in a lab or a computer. As technology advances and produces computerized devices that can fit nearly anywhere, wearable technology is bringing a multitude of new design options to the world of fashion. Think computers and sensory devices you can simply slip into for a high tech fashion experience.

3D and Laser Printed Textiles

Where once fabrics had to be woven with patterns, new 3D printers allow fashion designers to imprint material with their own designs. Also referred to as “tech-couture”, many of the styles on recent Fashion Week runways were designed using thoroughly modern materials and computerized printers. Instead of opting for more expensive hand-embroidered fabric, much of the clothing utilized computer coded designs to emulate reptile skin, feathers and more.

Here’s an even more advanced type of printing, called the “Printing Dress” by tech biggie Microsoft. The dress employs a special screen made of black and white rice paper which shows your texts. Included with the garment are a laptop, projector and four circuit boards. The dress was on display at Bloomingdale’s New York last year. Gives new meaning to the term “social network”, doesn’t it?

High Tech at Home

The good news for amateur fashion designers is that much of the necessary technology to create modern garments like these is available to the average consumer. You can visit to design your own pieces and have them created and shipped to you. While professional 3D printers are out of the price range of most consumers, you may be able to afford a laser cutter which can imbue fabric with your own text designs created in Microsoft Word. Laser cutters can also be used to make your own patterns and cut cloth using them as a guide. And a new scanner from allows you to scan a missing button and print a replacement. Pretty cool, huh?

Fabrics That Are Good for Your Health

Another trend from the future appearing now are smart fabrics that actually benefit your health.

H.O.L.D. Couture is using just such a fabric in all of our shapewear. Infused with minerals such as copper, the panels of our body shapers and maternity bodysuit use this high-tech fabric to keep the garments free from bacteria – and to help reduce the appearance of cellulite through gentle heat. In addition, invisible bands across the back of our shapewear are strategically placed to make contact with nerve endings across your shoulders and back in order to promote perfect posture, all the time, effortlessly.

Although we don’t see traditional fabrics and designs going away anytime soon, we are excited about producing more wearable technology that does great things for the wearer. Anybody know a good computer engineer with an eye for fashion?