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LAYLA™ Maternity Bodysuit

Back Pain is the number one complaint during pregnancy, but many also suffer from:

  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Loss of energy
  • Sciatica
  • Poor circulation
  • Muscle spasms
  • Swelling (edema)
  • Frequent headaches
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Sleeplessness

Good posture, balance and support can help improve these symptoms!


Posture Affects Pregnancy

During your pregnancy, you will experience a change in posture. As your body gains abdominal weight, your pelvis will tip to counterbalance the extra load. This moves the tailbone and pubic bone into an anterior position, increasing the curve in your lower back.

These changes affect your entire spine, back and neck. Your shoulders will tend to round forward and your head will follow suit. The curve of your upper back could even become kyphotic (similar to hunchback). You know how this looks, but here’s what is happening inside your body:

  • Vertebral disc compression
  • Strain on the spine
  • Lung capacity reduction
  • Strain on the ligaments
  • Muscular system strain


The Good News

LAYLA™ Maternity Bodysuits and the Post Maternity Body Shaper were designed to bring beauty, balance and most importantly, pain relief to women during and after pregnancy.

The LAYLA™ bodysuit creates a downward tilt in your scapula, creating more space in your shoulder joint allowing the head and shoulders to move back. This proper posture removes strain from your lower back, straightens your spine and helps your lungs expand as far as possible to breathe and exercise more efficiently.

When momma told you to “stand up straight” she was right. Not only do you look longer and leaner, but also it allows oxygen to flow more efficiently, which fights fatigue.

Proven technology, years of fiber related research, consumer testing and product development have gone into creating the Layla that supports superior comfort and well-being.

Wear the LAYLA™ Maternity Bodysuit every day to train your body into proper posture automatically!

These are available in black, nude and white which help you stay fashionable throughout the seasons of your pregnancy too. Wear them as great layering pieces under your favorite dresses, cardigans, or low-cut tops.



Overview: How It Works

  • Tension-specific Posture Bands are sewn into the 4-way stretch material to correctly align the spine into perfect posture—without effort
  • These are strategically placed to produce a natural, neuromuscular response.
  • This neuro-muscular response stimulates your body to pull your shoulders back and put your body in proper alignment.
  • Your postural muscles are strengthened because they are doing the work– unlike a belly belt, which can cause your muscles to weaken.
  • These triggers assist your body’s natural desire to balance itself.
  • Balance provides a positive change in anatomy that relieves back pain and other uncomfortable pregnancy conditions.


Special Note:

  • Real copper fibers run through our exclusive fabric which promotes cell function and helps increase metabolism of blood and tissues.
  • It helps your muscles regain their tone quicker and fight cellulite.


Start feeling better right now – it’s EASY.


The LAYLA™ Maternity Bodysuit is nothing short of a miracle for pregnant women all over the world.

Know someone suffering from pregnancy related pain? There is no better gift than relief! The Layla makes the perfect baby shower gift. Its’ quality construction will offer quick support for your favorite mom-to-be and make her look her best. It’s a thoughtful gift that she’ll be thankful for everyday.

Designed for Pain Relief Results, Crafted with Quality Construction

Each LAYLA™ Maternity Bodysuit is produced with the highest quality fabrication and craftsmanship available to guarantee your satisfaction.

  • The fabric is made with built-in, anti-microbial protection to neutralize bacteria and prohibit odor and fabric discoloration
  • Comfortable flat lock seams prevent chafing
  • Cotton/LYCRA® blends offer the soft comfort of cotton and the performance benefits of modern fiber technology to transport moisture and keep you comfortable
  • Abdominal support section adapts to your growing body

If you’re worried about the experience of giving birth, it’s important to do everything possible to prepare your body. One of the best things you can do for it is to promote proper posture right now. Relieve your aches and pains and find your balance now so your body is healthy and balanced when you go into the delivery room.


Having Multiples? This is relief you need on the double!

With even more swelling and fluid weight gain happening in your body with the miracle of multiples, you’ll find the Layla Maternity Bodysuit the most valuable garment in your wardrobe.



When you feel better, you can sleep better too. Many women have found this bodysuit to help relieve the nagging pains that cause sleepless nights. It’s important to rejuvenate your body with the rest that it needs especially during this important time in your life.


How can you be prepared for childbirth?

Wear the LAYLA™ Maternity Bodysuit every day to train your body into proper posture automatically!

The revolutionary LAYLA™ Maternity Bodysuit keeps you balanced as you grow.

It’s natural to experience lower back pain, muscle fatigue, and joint stress while you’re pregnant. What isn’t natural is that you’re expected to live with it – until NOW.

Now there’s a revolutionary product that promotes perfect posture and helps you have the easiest pregnancy and labor possible. Unlike products such as belly belts, which compress your spine and abdomen, the Layla Maternity Bodysuit gives your muscles and nerves cues to get in perfect posture – and stay in perfect posture.

Stay fashionable too – check out the color choices that will help your day or evening style. Nine months is a long time! There are parties and events to attend and seasonal activities that you take part in throughout your pregnancy. The Layla Maternity Bodysuit will not only support your comfort and health but, it may serve as a great layering piece under your black tie dress or low neckline top.