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LAYLA™ Post Maternity Body Shaper

Getting Back to Yourself

It’s natural that you want to look and feel your best after giving birth. Who doesn’t want to look and feel beautiful again as quickly as possible?

Now there’s a revolutionary new body shaper that poses a triple threat to post-baby imperfections by promoting good posture, slenderizing your tummy and shaping your hips and thighs. Look fantastic, right after childbirth – just like celebrity moms, with the LAYLA ™ Body Shaper.

“There is no other body shaper like the LAYLA on the market,” says Janice Novak posture expert and founder of The engineering on the upper back encourages good posture while the compression material helps shrink overstretched abdominal skin, immediately slimming the waistline two inches or more.

The LAYLA Body Shaper benefits:

  • Exclusive Posture Band technology automatically promotes perfect posture, making you look leaner naturally.
  • Special copper compression fabric over the abdomen, hips and upper thighs tones, slims and trims problem areas while reducing the appearance of cellulite.
  • Look taller, more slender, and instantly look a full one or two sizes smaller while wearing it.
  • LAYLA ™ Bodysuit Shaper is perfect for wearing under your workout clothes — it’s comfortable and form fitting while allowing you maximum range of movement and breathing.
  • It makes everything in your wardrobe fit better so you look your best.


Unlike shapewear that focuses on just compressing your torso, the LAYLA™ Body Shaper tones your muscles by making them work to get your body in perfect posture – and stay in perfect posture – without conscious thought!


Along with trimming and slimming your abdomen and upper thighs, you’ll find your post-pregnancy body getting into shape quicker each time you wear this revolutionary body shaper.


How It’s Made

Each LAYLA™ Body Shaper is produced with the highest quality fabrication and craftsmanship available to guarantee your satisfaction.

  • The fabric is made with built-in anti-microbial protection to neutralize bacteria and prohibit odor and fabric discoloration
  • 4-way stretch material increases mobility and gets you dry faster – perfect for exercising!
  • Built for comfort with flatlock seams to prevent chafing
  • Cotton/LYCRA® blends create the soft comfort of cotton and the performance benefits of modern fiber technology to transport moisture and keep you comfortable


New moms from all over the world tell us they especially love this amazing new garment!

…The fabric of the bodysuit is just so comfortable and it really does give me so much more confidence. I love them! I will have no problem wearing them through summer either because the fabric is so lightweight too.
Kindest Regards,
Alana W.
Happy Customer – Australia :)


As you can see, we ship the Layla Body Shaper to help women throughout the U.S. and the world!




LAYLA ™ Body Shaper is unlike any other product on the market today:

  • It uses exclusive Posture Band technology to automatically promote perfect posture, which makes you look leaner naturally.
  • While wearing LAYLA ™ Bodysuit Shaper, you’ll look taller, more slender, and quickly regain your pre-pregnancy figure.
  • LAYLA ™ Bodysuit Shaper is perfect to wear under your workout clothes while exercising — it’s comfortable and form fitting while allowing you maximum range of movement.

This is the one foundation piece you’ll want to have immediately after giving birth so your friends and family will all agree, “You don’t look like you just had a baby!”

Now, doesn’t that sound great?


Your Body has Been Through Trauma and Drama!

You have made it through pregnancy, labor and delivery (yeah!).

It’s time to enjoy the baby… but just as you need more strength than ever, some of the discomfort of pregnancy continues. You have had changes to your pelvis, that affect your entire spine, back and neck. You may have experienced and continue to experience:

  • Vertebral disc compression
  • Strain on the spine
  • Lung capacity reduction
  • Strain on the ligaments
  • Muscular system strain

After giving birth, many of these problems don’t just go away…Your body needs help losing weight, getting back into alignment, becoming balanced, and being healthy again.

The Layla Body Shaper will support your posture with the natural cues it needs to automatically stand with a balanced stance, which can alleviate these debilitating maternity side effects.


Looking Fit is Fashionable…

Get that smooth look and lean appearance that is red-carpet worthy! It’s not just celebrity mommies that can look great after having a baby. You can too. The Layla Body Shaper makes your appearance flawless when you are ready to get back into your pre-baby wardrobe and it helps you get there faster. Try one under your favorite dress, long flowing tops or tight little cardigans. They are great, fashionable, layering pieces in the colors you need.

No one will ever know you have it on and your secret is safe with us! It appears as a cute tank top under your hottest new looks, suits, skirts and dresses. You’ll just be standing taller and your clothes will fit like they were custom made for your figure.

Good Posture = Beauty… Naturally

Chances are right after giving birth is to look slim again. That’s where posture comes into play. Proper posture makes you walk tall. It flattens your belly and makes your entire body look better, because everything is in place, properly aligned. Even if you’re carrying a few extra pounds, they won’t be a detriment to your body image because your waistline will look slimmer. The more aligned and balanced your body is, the younger and healthier you appear. Without proper back posture, you won’t enjoy a balanced body. And a balanced body is necessary for good overall health as well as graceful and athletic movement.

Good posture allows you to:

  • Have more energy
  • Breathe easier
  • Look taller
  • Develop strength
  • Enjoy freer movement
  • Improve digestion and circulation
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Deal better with stress
  • Properly use muscles, joints, and ligaments
  • Improve balance


What an amazing gift for a pregnancy pal!

Did you go through your pregnancy with a pal? It’s a very special bonding experience that some of us have been lucky enough to enjoy. There is no better gift for her than the Layla Body Shaper – she’ll be your BFF, truly forever!




How can the LAYLA™ Help?

The LAYLA™ creates a downward tilt in your scapula creating more space in your shoulder joint. Your head and shoulders move back, which takes the strain off your lower back and straightens your spine. This proper posture helps your lungs expand as far as possible, allowing you to breathe and exercise more efficiently. It allows you to move oxygen in and out of your body more efficiently to decrease fatigue (and isn’t motherhood tiring enough without additional pain?) and promote well-being.

Proper posture gives you balance, symmetry, health and the long, lean, slender look you desire.

How does such comfortable shapewear make you look beautiful and feel great through proper posture? The secret is in the proven technology:

  • Posture Bands are strategically placed to produce a natural, neuro-muscular response that promotes perfect posture automatically.
  • This neuro-muscular response stimulates your body to pull your shoulders back and put your body in proper alignment, which makes post-pregnancy exercise more effective.
  • Your postural muscles strengthen naturally because they are doing the work – something no other shapewear on the market does.
  • These triggers assist your body’s natural desire to balance itself.
  • This positive change in anatomy relieves back pain and other uncomfortable conditions you might experience after childbirth.
  • The special fabric in our post-pregnancy body shaper makes your waist, hips and thighs look slim and trim while helping your muscles become toned more quickly.


Multiple colors for multiple occasions

Once you experience what the Layla Body Shaper can do for you, chances are you will want to wear one all the time.

If you choose to wear your body shaper under dark clothing you will no doubt prefer to wear it in black. During the summer or in warm climates where there are lots of light, fashion colors and fabrics throughout the year, the white version may suit you best. Sometimes, you may want to achieve the contemporary “illusion” style in your wardrobe. Under your most fashionable sheer tops or dresses, you could wear the nude body shaper to create the sexy bare look.

Only you will know it’s there to perfect your posture and give you that polished style.

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Start to enjoy:

  • Effortless Posture Correction – your nerves and muscles are automatically cued without conscious thought
  • Proper Body Alignment – to give you that long, lean look.
  • More Energy / Decreased Fatigue – your body gets balanced naturally, which gives you more energy
  • Slenderizing Effects – on your tummy, hips and thighs
  • Looking like you’ve never given birth