Most Flattering Fashions for your Body Shape

body shapesAre you as excited as we are about the upcoming fall fashions as previewed at the recent Fashion Week events? If so, you are probably looking forward to wearing the autumn tones and sleek silhouettes that characterized this year’s collections. But before you plunk down your money on a rack full of the latest fashions, first consider your body type.

Not everything garment looks great on every woman. Depending on whether you are one of three basic body types, you might need to modify those styles to best fit your frame. We’ll call them the banana, the pear and the hourglass.


The banana body shape is characterized by a straight up and down figure with no waist. Your figure is pretty much the same from top to bottom, without any shapely curves.

The problem? You need to create the illusion of feminine shape.

The solution is to use the power of illusion to add curves. Your best styles are those that add width to your shoulders and hips, such as jackets with epaulets and skirts with peplums. Wearing a H.O.L.D. Couture Lanky Tanky will help cinch in your waist.


A true pear shape is one where your hips are bigger than your shoulders. It’s all about small shoulders, not necessarily a small bosom (if your shoulders and hips are in line with each other, then your shape is not a true pear).

The problem: Bigger hips and bottom that aren’t balanced with the shoulders.

The solution? Draw attention to the top of your body with clothing that has details around the shoulders. Use dark colors and long-waisted jackets for your top; an A-line skirt or straight bottom that covers up the problem areas of your hips. You may also want to try wearing our Cellulite No More Shorts to slenderize your hips and thighs.


A true hourglass figure is what we are all striving to achieve: shoulders and hips in line with each other and a nipped-in waist.

The problem: None!

Hourglass figures can wear nearly any style and look fantastic. The key is in celebrating your curves, but keeping any excess fat tamed into a smooth silhouette. Try the Straight Up Slender Body Shaper to create a smooth line of curves from bust to hips. This is especially useful when wearing a pencil skirt or low necklines that tend to show every little bulge.

Every woman is beautiful, no matter her body shape. The key to looking fantastic is to work with what you’ve got and create the illusion of an hourglass figure, even if yours is more Banana or Pear. Wearing shapewear beneath your clothing ensures your silhouette doesn’t suffer from bulging and helps to nip in those problems areas to create a nice hourglass effect.