Red Carpet Fashion Secrets to Look Your Sexy Best

Courtesy sattva/

Courtesy sattva/

With all the Fashion Weeks (New York, Paris, London, Milan) going on this month and next, we thought it appropriate to share some secrets from red carpet models and their stylists. Haute couture and ensuring every thread and hair is in place isn’t just for super models; real women can use these same secrets to always look their sexy best. Here’s our top tricks, tips and techniques.


There’s nothing better for defining your waist (especially in form-fitting dresses), uplifting your bosom and slenderizing your hips and thighs than a good body shaper. It’s the must-have undergarment to go under everything from skinny jeans to tight skirts and silky tops. Let’s face it; there’s nothing sexy about muffin top or bulges around your bra. The right shapewear, such as our Straight Up Slender Body Shaper, is de rigueur under any outfit. Because it is made from mineral-infused fabric, it actually reduces the appearance of cellulite after you take it off, too.

Double-Sided Tape

Not the kind you find in the hardware store (although that would do in a pinch!), double sided tape made for securing wigs is the perfect fix for almost any fashion tragedy. It’s an instant way to hem your pants, keep body parts tucked into place and fix minor rips and tears in almost any kind of fabric. You’ll find it at nearly any beauty supply store.

Infrared Body Wraps

Before your big night out, spend an hour in a relaxing body wrap that uses far infrared ray technology to blast your fat! Incredible as it may sound, these revolutionary systems actually heat your body to a temperature where it must produce sweat to cool down – and your body burns calories to produce that sweat. You can burn up to 1,000 calories or more in a single body wrap session. You’ll find them at select tanning salons and spas. Our favorite? FIT Bodywraps.

Color In All the Right Places

Where you want color is your cheeks and lips; where you don’t want color is in the whites of your eyes.

A neat trick for lasting lip color is to use Jell-O packets. It’s the same concept as your tongue turning blue after licking a popsicle; simply applying red gelatin powder to your dampened lips will keep them red for hours (it tastes good, too!).

And to avoid red in your eyes? Keep a bottle of eye drops handy. They’ll take away those burst blood vessels from a long night and lubricate your eyes to look nice and moist – and prevent you from blinking like crazy.

These simple tips are some of the best we’ve heard from models and their stylists on the runway. Ladies, be sure you stock up on shapewear, double-sided tape, cherry flavored gelatin and eye drops. And do schedule a body wrap session before any important events to drop a few pounds and inches before slipping into your body shaper.