Set the Mood for Romance With the Right Outfit

Courtesy Michal Marcol/

Courtesy Michal Marcol/

Whether you are getting ready for a romantic Valentine’s Day celebration or just want to look extra special for your honey, you need the right clothes to put you in the mood and make him fantasize about taking them off! Here are our tips for setting the mood for romance with the right fashion.

What’s Underneath?

There’s few things more tantalizing to a man than imagining what you’re wearing underneath that sexy dress. It goes without saying that in order to feel sexy, you’ve got to look great and the best way to accomplish that is by using shapewear to nip and tuck those problem areas.

Whenever you wear form-fitting clothing, you will always look fantastic if you first slip into shapewear that tames your tummy and controls your curves. There’s nothing like a long, lean, slender silhouette to get your man’s thoughts racing ahead to the end of the evening. And although we’d all like to have the perfect figure, the majority of us need a bit of help in this department. That’s why you should always wear a Lanky Tanky, Straight Up Slender Body Shaper or Take Control Slip Dress with all your sexy outfits.

After Dinner and Dancing…

Of course, there comes a point when you need to take off your evening finery and slip into something more comfortable (er, not exactly comfortable, but you get the idea). Although au naturel might be the obvious conclusion to the evening, you’ll keep his interest longer if you change from your evening clothes into something silky and edged in lace.

It’s actually much sexier to show just a hint of what you’ve got to offer rather than opting for lingerie that lets is all hang out. Fifty Shades of Gray notwithstanding, you’ll be better off choosing classic lingerie instead of getups designed for a raunchy costume party.

No matter how much you might be lacking in the curves department, now is not the time to wear a padded bra. No man wants to undress you and find your bosom falling to the floor along with your lingerie! Take what you’ve got and show it off to your best advantage.

So, what’s your style? For the wild temptress, a demi-cup bra and thong in an animal print or an outfit all in black is perfectly suitable. For a more feminine, girly look, opt for lots of lace and pastel colors; floral prints are good, too. It’s perfectly fine to choose a baby doll style but you don’t want to look too young. A romantic style that’s both feminine and sexy is a corset and a pair of stockings with flirty garters. If you are feeling particularly seductive, red is the color of passion and it works well on a bustier as well as for your lips.

A few things to stay away from? Crotchless undies, edible panties, vinyl or leather (not comfy and a bit on the tasteless side, literally!).

Get ready for romance by selecting just the right outfit and wearing sexy, slenderizing shapewear underneath. Then, when the time is right, slip into show-stopping lingerie for a night you and he aren’t soon to forget!