Shapewear for Every Body Style

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Courtesy imagery majestic/

All women are different, physically. Some of us are blessed with a true hourglass figure while others never have to worry about weight because they enjoy an athletic body style. Still other women simply have to look at a piece of cake and the extra calories go straight to their hips or tummies. No matter what type of figure you have, there’s reason to celebrate it! All it takes is some flaw-disguising shapewear to tighten, smooth and put everything in its proper place! Here’s how it works. 

Hippy (Pear Shaped) 

If you tend to carry extra weight around your hips and thighs, chances are you have a classic pear-shaped figure. Good for you! There are few things more feminine than a shapely derriere and you’ve got what that takes! But if those extra inches below your waist bother you, try wearing a pair of Cellulite No More Shorts to trim and smooth your hips and thighs. 


If you have a large bosom, you could really fit into any figure category (other than Athletic). As we mentioned in a previous post about body shapes, if you don’t see a straight line between your shoulders and hips, your figure is pear-shaped, regardless of the size of your bosom. 

Those with hourglass figures also tend to be a bit busty and this can be a concern for some women. If so, slip into a Straight Up Slender Body Shaper. Not only will it smooth out your curves, the posture control bands help you stand straighter (hunching your shoulders doesn’t minimize your bosom, it merely makes you look out of shape and lazy) and look great. 

No Waist (Athletic or Banana) 

For women who don’t have much of a waistline, such as those with an athletic figure or a banana shape (straight up and down), the key to creating a feminine silhouette is illusion. Good shapewear can nip in your abdomen and support your bosom to give the illusion of a waist and womanly curves. Try the Lanky Tanky, which offers just enough support for your upper body and abdomen to create a subtle hourglass shape. 


Any type of figure can be considered pudgy. If you are carrying around additional pounds than what is ideal for your height, the secret to looking your best is to tame those extra inches into submission! The Straight Up Slender Body Shaper provides whole-body support and slenderizing – perfect for wearing under fitted styles and fashions that require a belt. This body shaper also eliminates the annoying bulges around your bra caused by excess fat. 


If you are expecting a baby – congratulations! It’s no excuse, however, for not looking and feeling great. You can do both by wearing the Maternity Bodysuit each and every day of your pregnancy. It offers superior support for your growing tummy and exclusive posture control that energizes your body while making all your maternity clothes fit better. 

H.O.L.D. Couture has the perfect shapewear for any body style and any figure flaw. Are you ready to add one or two or three or more to your shopping cart?