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“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my body suits.  I am only 16 weeks pregnant so am not really that big yet, I am at that horrible in-between stage where I’m not big enough that people would know I’m pregnant but too big to wear anything tight.  So I have actually been wearing the post pregnancy body suits now as it makes me feel so much more comfortable in my clothes.  It really sucks everything in and hides the bump well! I know I will be wearing it every day after I have had the baby!  As for the maternity suit, I will start wearing that one once I am bigger and need the extra support. 


I find myself not having to worry about wearing a singlet underneath those low cut or see-through dresses as I bought the black suits so they look great underneath – and it also solves the embarrassing problem when you bend over as you don’t have to worry about anything hanging out!  The fabric of the body suits is just so comfortable and really does give me so much more confidence.  I love them! I know I will have no problem wearing them through summer either because the fabric is so lightweight.  
From the day I found your website and enquired about the suit until the day my suits arrived and even after that, your customer service department has been such a delight to deal with.  It really did make the experience so much nicer having someone so friendly to talk to.  Being all the way over here in Australia, I had some initial problems using my credit card due to my bank over here having an overseas lock on it and customer service was so understanding and patient throughout the whole process.  Their email responses were always so prompt and I always knew what was going on with them giving me updates as to shipment etc.  It was nice to hear from customer service even after I had received my suits to make sure I was happy with the product and it all arrived safely.  I was very excited to get my bodysuits in the mail and the beautiful packaging made it even more special!  I am going to keep the suits in their beautiful cases as then I wont get them mixed up because one has a pink ribbon and one has a purple ribbon!  
Honestly I wish you all of the very best and if I ever need anything else that I can get from your website – I will!! I think its a very important thing to help a pregnant lady feel like she can still look good and that’s exactly how your bodysuits make me feel.  Thank you!!!”
Kindest Regards, 
Alana W.
Happy customer – Australia :)

“I am really pleased with the maternity bodysuit I ordered from your website.  With my first pregnancy, I exacerbated existing back problems due to the shift in my center of gravity.  For my second pregnancy, I decided to invest in a quality undergarments to aid with my posture; I came across House of Lay-la in my search.  An added bonus was that your product was also shapewear! 


I’ve used a variety of shapewear over the years, but I’ve never been incredibly comfortable in it.  It either pinches, crushes, or squeezes to attain the ‘look’ I’m going for.  The Lay-la bodysuit is a breath of fresh air – literally, I can breathe in it and it still gives me a nice shape!

And not for nothing, after a week+ of wearing it, I feel I hold my shoulders back, and I don’t have the lower back pain I’m accustomed to.  This is truly a great product for expecting mothers.  Can’t wait for it to grow even more with me in the coming months!”

Thanks again,
Katherine M
Happy customer – East Walpole, Massachusetts