The Solution to Body Imperfections? A Shapewear Dress

TEMP_shapewearsDo you look in the mirror and notice only your imperfections? If so, you’re not alone. Whether it’s extra inches around your middle from having a baby, cheesy-textured thighs from too many donuts or a sagging bottom from sitting in a chair all day, most women fixate on their problem areas. In fact, often we feel as if everyone who sees us notices only those areas we detest and not our good features.

Luckily, there is an easy way to take care of those body imperfections so you can feel beautiful and sexy again.

Nobody’s Perfect – So Enhance What You’ve Got

There’s no reason you can’t rely on a bit of help in the form of shapewear perfect for wearing outside of the house. The truth is, most of us can diet and exercise faithfully but still be plagued by things such as a muffin top, tummy pooch, thunder thighs, saggy butt or flab around the bra line. Sometimes our pear or apple shapes are simply genetic and there’s not a whole lot we can do about that other than opt for plastic surgery.

If that seems a bit extreme, you can live comfortably with your body, no matter its imperfections. Fashion designers, celebrities and models all know that when looking your best is important, shapewear is the solution.

Smooth Out the Imperfections with a Shapewear Dress

When you want to look gorgeous for a night out on the town or a special occasion, chances are you reach for that old standby, the little black dress. But what if it merely exposes your imperfections or just doesn’t quite fit the way it used to? The solution? The Take Control Slip Dress.

Made to be worn as a layering piece or a slip that can go underneath any other dress, the Take Control Slip Dress is fashioned from Nylon/Lycra® smart fibers. These smart fibers conform to your body while smoothing away all your imperfections in the abdomen, hips and thighs. The special fabric actually works to melt away cellulite, too, reducing that ugly “cottage cheese” appearance. The built-in underwire bra gets rid of the need to add extra layers of undergarments that cause your problem areas to bulge.

And what you won’t find in any other shapewear on the market today is H.O.L.D. Couture’s exclusive posture banding across the back of the slip dress. When you stand and sit straight, your body naturally looks longer and leaner– and that makes you feel more confident and sexy.

Every figure is flattered when you first slip into a shapewear dress before hitting the town. When you slip into a Take Control Slip Dress, you are bound to look at least one size slimmer and feel oh-so-gorgeous!